Live a

BAlanced life

What if you had complete control over your emotions, actions, reactions, and had the super-human ability to get everything you'd like done?

“What we feel is a choice.”
- Piyush Shrivastav

If you've struggled with feeling as though you're not in control of your emotional state or have struggled with anxiety, depression and overwhelm - there is a solution.

The truth is most people spend the majority of their days being reactive to what's around them. But relief from mental and emotional stress, baggage and overwhelm is just one choice away...

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're driven and ambitious, yet it seems like you constantly fight against yourself for success.
  • You're tired, overworked, and overwhelmed. It often feels as though you're struggling to keep your head above water.
  • You feel as though you're fighting apathy, depression, and a lack of motivation or energy.
  • Anxious thoughts rob you of any peace you have in a day.
  • Your thoughts often turn to past shame, anger, guilt, or overwhelming feelings of not being enough.

All you want is to navigate your day without fighting your emotions.

You're not alone and we totally understand how this drastically affects the quality of your life. But thankfully, we also have the solution - and it's far cheaper than spending years in therapy, less scary than taking prescriptions with unknown side effects and doesn't involve facing the source of your issues.

It's called Emotional Balancing and its helped hundreds of people just like you gain control of their lives again.

emotional balancing sessions are perfect for you if:

  • You have a short fuse or are easily angered
  • You've struggled with depression or overwhelm
  • You have anxiety that doesn't go away with a change in environment or situation
  • You find yourself drastically overreacting to people you love or work with
  • You find it difficult to manage your emotions day-to-day

Emotional Balancing Sessions Offer a

And while this may seem like it's too good to be true, we've seen amazing results from our clients after just one session and are confident you'll see similar results if you commit to change.

You don't have to reach your breaking point or hit rock bottom to experience change.

An Emotional Balancing Session from one of Legacy of Results' trained coaches can help you avoid the frustrating
set-backs that can arise from being at the whim of your emotions and lack of control.

you've tried...

Ignoring it.
If you can just get through the rest of this week... month... year...  then you'll be good right? But what happens when you don't address the root cause of your issues? They stick around.

Soothing it.
Comfort food. Netflix binges. Online shopping. Alcohol and recreational drugs. These are simply numbing the pain and discomfort - they will never truly make you feel better and often, leave you feeling worse afterwards.

Pushing through it.
When we push back against our root emotional needs, we create a dissonance that builds over time. Instead of "just getting through it" you're actually making it worse which can lead to sickness or breakdowns.

Bullying it.
You may think that if only you were a stronger person - you wouldn't feel this way. So you beat yourself up about not having it together or force yourself to strict regimes or systems to "toughen up" - but nothing seems to stick.

It's no wonder none of this has worked.
When we're focused on dealing with the symptoms, we often can't see the root cause - our emotions.

In our work with thousands of top-performers and the leaders of teams at Fortune 500 companies, we've realized that productivity, growth, and financial success aren't a byproduct of force - they're a result of balance.

Imagine calmly handling whatever life throws at you and being able to achieve anything you set your mind to.

What Does an Emotional Balancing Session Look Like?

Emotional Balancing Sessions can be performed either in-person or virtually and initial sessions last up to three hours. in this time you'll be working with a Legacy of Results Coach to walk through a proven and guaranteed process we've used hundreds of times on our most successful of clients.

Initial Session:

  • 1.5-3 Hour Emotional Balancing Session
  • 2 ADVanced Insight Assessments (Before and After)
  • 75+ Page personality Report and Development Plan
  • 3 Meditation Recordings

Follow-up Session:

  • 1 Hour Emotional Balancing Session
  • 2 ADVanced Insight Assessments (Before and After)
  • 75+ Page personality Report and Development Plan

Don't continue ignoring, soothing, pushing away, or bullying your emotional needs

Say yes to a guaranteed process that works, developed by professionals who care deeply about helping you deal with your baggage, so you can do the great things you're meant to.

Emotional Balancing Session

$500 Each

PAckage of 5

$450 Each


Package of 10

$400 Each


If you are looking to help your FRIENDS, FAMILY, or TEAM...consider purchasing a package of Emotional Balancing Sessions.  Eliminate cost as a barrier for YOUR PEOPLE to get the help they need.  Packages also work great for monthly SELF-CARE at a discounted cost.

What are people saying?

I did an emotional balancing session with Alex. It sounds cheesy and cliche, but it was truly life changing. I struggled with anxiety and stress every day. Some days the anxiety was so crippling I couldn't even get out of bed. After just one session with Alex, my anxiety is gone...I mean...GONE! There are no words. Thank you, Alex.

Sarah P

My boss actually encouraged me to meet with Alex for an Emotional Balancing Session.  I had a short fuse and my reactions were so far off what they should be.  In talking with Alex, I realized that I wasn't responding to what was going on around me, but to all the things I hadn't let go of.  I was like a ticking time-bomb waiting to blow.  After the session, my boss, coworkers, and even my wife asked where Simon went.  They love this new version of me...and so do I.

Simon S

I do monthly sessions with Alex.  It's like a massage for my emotional body.  Evey time we meet I feel so balanced and nothing can phase me.  He keeps telling me that we don't need to meet every month...I tell him I won't go a month with out it.  It's my gift to me.

Peter T

"I've been there.  I felt the world closing in on me as I faced suicidal depression and despair.  I've had explosive rage... crippling anxiety and PTSD... beliefs that stopped me from achieving my goals and sapped my energy from even pursuing them.  I also know what it's like to be on the other side...confident and congruent... and to help thousands of clients over the last 15 years cross that bridge safely.  Let me help guide you through.  We got this... together!"  - Alex Aanderud

With Your Coach,

Alex Aanderud
Legacy of Results Certified Coach

Alex Aanderud (on-der-rude) has a passion for helping people experience the mental and emotional freedom that comes from letting go of the baggage and patterns the prevent people from being their true selves.  Alex is a certified Behavioral Consultant, Trainer of Advanced Integrative Psychology, and Integrative Coach.  

Alex specializes in helping his clients bridge the conscious unconscious integration that blocks most people from achieving their highest levels of success.