Your gifts can be your downfall

It is the process of reflection that we see what is often unseen.

I have been relaxed with the intentional use of my words and have allowed others to hold a belief to the contrary.  I have not been as intentional with my words as I have allowed most of you to believe or credit me for…at least not yet.

You see, I am gifted in my use of language.  I have a keen ability to listen to others, not only their words but the experience of their presence and speech.  I have an incredible memory and trust in my unconscious recall.   Finally, I have a unique ability to see patterns and assimilate information…to embody experiences as well as alternate realities and abstract those experiences and lessons to create new and innovative ideas.  This has allowed me to speak powerfully and find/include meaning in my language without intention.

This is not the same as being truly intentional with my language.  

Going forward, I am putting focused attention on my intentional use of language.  One strategy I have heard and will be implementing is writing. Writing will allow me to slow down my processing and create more intention behind my words.

I am sharing this to first, clear the fallacy that I have allowed to exist around my intentional use of language.  Second, to state publicly my intention and direct my attention.  Lastly, to inspire others who may be walking a similar path, either in their lack of intentional use of language or perhaps some other area where you have allowed your gifts to be perceived as intention, and encourage them to build on their gifts through intention and direction.

Reality is what you make it. Make it a great day.


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