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3 hiring mistakes

killing companies

(and how you can understand what's crippling your business during this worker shortage)

  • Why you can't seem to find good people for your open roles.
  • The secret to making sure your employees stay for as long as possible.
  • The simplest change you can make in your hiring process to attract rockstars for every position.

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With your host, Alex Aanderud

President and CEO of Legacy of Results

Alexander (Alex) B. Aanderud is a highly sought-after speaker, trainer, consultant and coach, specializing in advanced integrative psychology and the conscious-unconscious integration that leads to results. As a consultant, Alex helps his clients identify, manage, streamline and improve the hidden and intangible assets of their companies including people, communication, culture and trust.

As a Speaker, Trainer and Coach, certified through the Association for Integrative Psychology, Innermetrix® and The John Maxwell Team, Alex combines his skills in psychology with his technical background as an engineer supporting experimental flight test for Boeing and the US Military, to help his clients find their passion, live their purpose and achieve their impossible.

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