Newsletter – September 27, 2022

Hey everyone!

I hope and trust you are doing amazing and thriving in life and business.

Some of my teams have asked that I start doing some videos to help train, inspire and motivate them throughout the week and so they can share some of the things I've been teaching them with their friends.

Challenge Accepted!!!!!  Later tonight, I will be posting a new leadership training video on our YouTube channel titled: The 5 Essentials to Make Your Team Unrecruitable.  In it I will be discussing the 5 things you need to do as a leader to help create a secure and committed relationships with your people.  

Check it out on our YouTube Channel

Before I dive in the upcoming videos we are going to be releasing, I thought I would share a bullet form:

  • (9/27) Leadership: The 5 Essentials to Make Your Team Unrecruitable
  • (9/28) The Spectrums of Human Performance: Essence, Experience and Labels
  • (9/29) Philosophy/Mindsets: The Powerful Difference Between Knowing and Experiencing
  • (9/30) Tactical Application: Cold Reading a DISC Profile
  • (10/3) Virtual Workshop: The Basic Spectrums of Human Behavior

    Take a look below for more information on each topic.  

Each week we will be releasing new content to help you grow personally and professionally...helping you create the life you want.  If you have questions you want answered or discussed, please reach out to us at

Our Upcoming FREE Training Releases...

Last year, one of the teams I was working with in Denver, CO was struggling with a high attrition and turnover rate. Over a 4-hour deep dive I held with their leadership team, we evaluated each person who left and why. Every single person who left, left because of a violation of one of these 5 essential responsibilities for leadership. Over this short video I’m going to share these 5 essential leadership responsibilities, the order they need to be done and some tips to be more effective in each.

Two weeks ago, a client of mine in Phoenix, AZ was having a challenge with an agent on his team.  He had personally recruited this agent, the leadership team was excited about their potential, past performance and SOI and yet no matter what they tried, they weren’t seeing results or consistent performance.

In our conversation we discussed the difference between Essence (who a person is), Experience (how we perceive the person) and Labels (the words we use to describe our experience).  During this video I’ll be diving into these three and how they apply to your business, relationships and even yourself.

At a training I ran for one of my teams down in Florida, an Agent asked, “Can you explain the importance of Role Play from a non-real estate perspective?” After I answered the question and the training had ended, I had many agents reach out about what a profound impact my answer had on their business and their life.

During this video I’m going to be sharing some of the key take-aways from my answer, talking about “knowing,” “experiencing” and the profound difference between them. I will also be sharing how the agents took this shift and applied it in their lives and their businesses to get better results.

September 30th, 2022

Tactical Application: Cold Reading a DISC Profile

On Friday, I will be dropping a video to help sales professionals cold-read their clients and some of the quick tells you can use to predict the DISC profile you are working with. Understanding where someone is showing up (remember, DISC isn’t fixed) will help you know how to adapt your communication to create better experience for your clients and get better results in working with them.

October 3rd, 2022

Virtual Workshop: The Basic Spectrums of Human Behavior

I teach Psychometric Assessments…I’m known as “The Disc Guy” and I’m here to tell you the accuracy of a psychometric assessment is tied to a person's ability to evaluate themselves (a struggle), the culture of your industry (are all “profiles” good?) and the mindset/environment the person is in when they take their assessment. In other words, understanding A PERSON’S PROFILE can only take you so far, but understanding THE PROFILES…the spectrums of human motivation and behavior..will allow you to use their profile as a “last known address” and see them where they are right now.

Your ability to read people across the spectrums will dramatically increase your effectiveness as a leader, your ability to influence others, your ability to influence your results and, most importantly, your personal perspective on reality.

Upcoming Events and Promotions

October 15th, 2022 - Las Vegas, NV

We are excited to announce a limited event, LIVE in Las Vegas.  During this full day deep-dive into the spectrums of human behavior and motivation...

As a leader, you will learn:

  • How to understand your people at a level you never thought possible
  • Why the top DISC trainers are JUST WRONG and how that could be screwing up your team
  • Why team and leadership challenges exist and what to do about it
  • The 5 Essentials Leadership Responsibilities to make your team unrecruitable (Deep Dive)
  • How to Motivate, Inspire and Cultivate your people and cultur

EARLY BIRD RATES Until 9/30/2022 (Prices go up Saturday)

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