Achieve sustained growth with a team that consistently works together to accomplish your organization's goals.

It's not that you aren't taking action to achieve your organizational goals...

It's just not been effective.

You've tried a variety of different methods to enact change in your company for growth and transformation - no one can say you haven't given it your all.

But there's something in your blindspot you just can't see.

Let's uncover it for you.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You seem to deal with the same problems day after day
  • You've tried several growth-focused strategies and they all worked... for a while. Then it was right back to the way things were before.
  • You can't figure out how to motivate your employees or team members as much as you are
  • You feel as though you're constantly putting out fires instead on focusing on big picture thinking

In as little as 2 weeks you could be on your way to increased efficiency, profitability and employee satisfaction. It'll be like you have the "secret code" to growth for your company.

If you'd like projects that are successful, tasks completed in a timely manner, and people who are excited and passionate about their job, then an organizational SWOT analysis will set you on the right track.

you may have already tried...

  • Taking DISC Assessments for everyone and then trying to figure them out for yourself
  • Attending yet another seminar or presentation on organizational growth strategies
  • Waffling back and forth between heavy-handed management and being "the cool boss"
  • Trying to let your employees "work it out" on their own
  • Hiring expensive consultants who told you exactly what you already knew

It's time to do something that actually works:

SWOT Analysis of your Intangible Assets

Executive Summary Communications Workbook

70+ Page Personality Report and Growth Plan for Each Team Member

Personalized Psychometric Reports for Each Team Member

Organizational Health Assessment

Team Communication Platform

Nothing else gives you such a deep insight into the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth in your team.

Most organizations see transformations within 2-3 days of implementing the recommendations in their SWOT analysis.

You've been struggling to either a) grow or b) change; and you're sure your organization has problems, but you've been working like a madman trying to figure out how to fix it. 

It seems like no matter what you try, you see the business grow, then decline, then grow and decline, like a pulse. It seems like sustainable growth is just always out of reach.

You've been trying to implement change and innovation within the organization, but you just can't seem to achieve any specific results. I'm sure it's been nagging at you that it's got something to do with your people. And you're right.

But the Good News?

Once you have a foundational understanding of your organization, it’s completely possible to create and sustain true change, improvement and growth.

You can achieve this - and more - with an Organizational SWOT Analysis.

purchase your Organizational SWOT Analysis today!


  • 45 minutes/Person to complete Assessments and Surveys
  • Complete management approval, support and encouragement on completing the surveys
  • Key contact to track assessment completions and run missing assessments down


  • SWOT analysis of organizations' Intangible Assets
  • Executive Summary Communication Workbook
  • 70+ Page Personality Report and Personal Growth Plan for each participant
  • Organizational Health Assessment Results
  • Team Communication and Coaching Platform Setup*
  • Coupon Code for Hiring Benchmark
  • Personalized 'Hiring Benchmark and Team Discussion' Tool
  • Up to 3 Unique assessment portals for the Organization
  • ***BONUS: One Month of Systems Access
    ($750 Value)


Up to 15 People

$99 for each additional person


Up to 100 People

$99 for each additional person