Are your clients...

  • Refusing to act or take the next steps?
  • Hesitating to make a commitment or follow-through?
  • Stalling and dodging your calls?
  • Creating more stress for you than they should be?
  • thoroughly confusing (or infuriating) you with their thoughts and actions?
  • Struggling to stay motivated or becoming combative or argumentative?


Get people to follow your lead, take action & get results

Featuring Leadership, Communication & 
Human Behavior Expert

Alex Aanderud

Explore Human Performance  as a spectrum.

It's not your sales skills that will get you through the next 5 years, but your leadership skills. 

Your retention, growth, profitability and sales depends on your ability to move your clients through stress and emotions in to action and results.  

During this class, you learn how to understand you clients, often better than they understand themselves, and tactical strategies to get your clients taking consistent, motivated action.

Oh...and you'll also learn how to lead yourself into consistent motivated action and results.  

You need to be here!


With Special Guest Speaker...
Dr. Lisa Yeung

Leading Through Stressful Times: 
Creating a culture that thrives in face of anxiety, depression and burnout

As a leading expert in self-care, flow and authentic living, Dr. Lisa Yeung will be sharing insights into leading through stressful times and how to create a culture that thrives in face of anxiety, depression and burnout.  One of her unique gifts is helping people uncover, align and live as their authentic self and helping leaders lead their teams.   

During the COVID Pandemic, Dr. Yeung served as a Family Physician and Medical Director in the Bronx.  In her responsibilities as a medical director, she helped her doctors, staff and patients balance their building stress and pressure and find resiliency in chaos while also helping manage and balance the business aspects and needs of her clinic.

As a medical doctor with a degree in clinical psychology, Dr. Yeung brings a scientific understanding of stress, anxiety and burnout and how those affect the body and the different systems in our body.  

As an integrative coach and intuitive healer, Dr. Yeung also brings a complementary and esoteric understanding of the impact on the whole being (Energy, Mental, Emotional and Physical). 


Hear what some of the industry's top leaders are saying...

Brett Sikora

Founder at The Sikora Group Brokered by EXP Realty

#1 Team at eXp Realty in NJ since 2019

Tina Caul

Founder at Caul Group Global luxury

Brokered by EXP Realty

Coach Bill Pipes

Head Coach - Agent Academy

Top Sales and Business coach for Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals

Chukky Okobi

8 Yr NFL Vet and Super Bowl Champion

Intelligence/Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs & Mental Health Coach for NFL Vets. Keynote & Motivational Speaker. TedX

You Don't know disc™ Level 1:
Unlocking the secrets of leadership & influence

Get people to follow your lead, take action & get results

  • The Language of Profiles — By quantifying human performance, we are able to put a common language to behaviors, motivations and how people filter their world.  This language allows us to grow as leaders and improve the culture of our organizations.
  • Baggage in the DISC — Mental and emotional baggage creates inconsistent performance and drive.  Being able to identify potential baggage in the DISC profile will help you shape your interview questions and navigate challenging conversations as a leader.
  • Navigating Dynamic Filters — Our nervous system is bombarded by more than 2,000,000 bits of information every second.  Of that, we process 126.  This course will help you learn to better understand and navigate this deleted, distorted and generalized reality. 
  • Spectrum of Experience — Behavior is not fixed. People act and react differently based on mood, environment, stress and a variety of other factors.  Recognizing the spectrum of experience helps you better navigate your interactions in the moment
  • Understanding Intrinsic Motivators  — Motivation comes from a variety of sources, both internal and external.  Learning to tap into your team's intrinsic motivators allows you to motivate them from the inside out.
  • Communicating Using DISC and Values — Flexibility in communication is a foundational principle for effective leadership.  During this course, you will learn key phrases and strategies for communicating with a diverse workforce for improved performance and culture.


  • 5 ADV Profiles for Friends and Family
    Gain insight into those closest to you to help you understand them better and improve your communication.
  • Insights to Your Genius eCourse
    An hour long, high level overview of the profiles to get you prepped for the class.
  • Mastering the Art of Success eBook
    Learn from Mark Victor Hanson, Les Brown, Jack Canfield and Alex Aanderud, along with over 20 other successful entrepreneurs on the fundamentals of success.
  • You Don't Know DISC: Level 1 eCourse
    Access to our digital course so you can review all the materials covered during the training for reference or growth
  • Personal Profile Debrief (VIP)
    Deep dive all 5 of your friends and family profiles, along with gain deeper insight into your profile, in a 1:1 coaching session with Alex Aanderud





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